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What is ADDIX?

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Improving grip and rolling resistance, durability and damp- ing are the typical conflicting aims of tire technology. Enhancement of one property always comes at the expense of another. A single compound can never be the answer to everything. So ultimately it’s all about making intelligent compromises aimed at edging that little bit closer to perfection. 

To develop a completely new generation of rubber com- pounds, Schwalbe’s technicians didn’t leave a single stone unturned, not with the formula, nor with the process or the mixing technology. 30 employees led by head developer Markus Hachmeyer and compounder Wolfgang Arenz have been working on the new formulas and processes since 2015. 

Every rubber compound is made up of natural and synthetic rubbers – along with many other solid and liquid ingredients, including carbon blacks, silica, silanes, oils, sulphur, anti-oxidants. Markus Hachmeyer says, “The quality of these raw materials co-determines whether a tire will be outstanding or just mediocre. And there are countless options for selecting, combining and measuring them. So a good formulation requires highly specialised expertise, high-quality raw materials and extensive testing – it goes without saying that the final recipe is top secret.” 

The formulas are only one part of the equation. The mixing process is the other. Here the margin for error is tiny. The difference between hitting a home run and making mistakes is minuscule. The interdependence between the parameters which define the physical and chemical process is extremely complex and even changing only one of the parameters can produce an entirely different result. So to achieve success, there are three things that have to interact perfectly: the formulas, the process and the technical equipment – and all three are trade secrets, of course. 

The Addix compounds offer a new level of quality in terms of all parameters. Among other things, Schwalbe uses a mixing technology that originates from the car tire industry. Markus Hachmeyer explains, “We now have hardware throughout our plant that we are using to implement the most advanced and precise mixing process in the bicycle tire industry. Entirely new dimensions are opening up to us because we can vary all the parameters indefinitely. It’s this high-end mixing technology, controlled by our specifications, that actually makes completely new compound properties possible. So with ADDIX we’re achieving a whole new level of performance and quality. 

Never before have we taken such an ambitious step with the compound. It’s obvious that with ADDIX we’ve become even better. To mention but two striking advances: in terms of durability, our tires have become much more impressive across the board, and the low-temperature properties are now excellent, and not only in the soft compounds.” 

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What is the difference between Active line, Performance line and EVO tires (Quality lines)?

Active line – offers reliable brand quality at entry levelActive line – offers reliable brand quality at entry levelPerformance line – Excellent quality for intensive use. The best value for money tires and now available as tubeless ready for MTB tires!EVO – Evolution line – The very best possible tires created with the highest grade materials using the latest technologies.

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Schwalbe evo line tire south africa 2

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What compounds can I ride on my MTB, Speed, SpeedGrip, Soft or Ultra Soft?

Addix compound in four versions 

Schwalbe has created four Addix compounds to meet the specific requirements of cross country, all mountain, trail, enduro and downhill: 

Addix Speed, red identifier: for XC racing. There’s only one thing that Addix Speed really loves and that’s speed. So the rolling resistance has been significantly reduced yet again. It’s lower than with the previous PaceStar, but at the same time Addix Speed is more durable and more resilient.

Addix Speedgrip, blue identifier: the universal com- pound for Cross Country, All Mountain and Trail. Resulting in a version with Addix Speedgrip, for almost all Evo tires. Durability is 62 percent higher compared to its predecessor PaceStar, with grip up by 35 percent. 

Addix Soft, orange identifier: a compound for Enduro and Downhill as well as for challenging all mountain and trail riding. It also impresses when used in combination with other Addix tires – more speed: Soft on the front, Speed- grip on the rear. Or more damping: Ultra Soft, purple identifier, on the front, Soft on the rear. It’s significantly more durable than the previous TrailStar compound. Tip: Addix Soft is also ideal for e-MTBs. Here it really plays to its distinctive strengths 

What tread pattern suits my riding best?

What tire tread pattern suits my riding best

What is sidewall protection and what should I have on my tire choice?

What is sidewall protection and what should I have on my tire choice 1 1

What is sidewall protection and what should I have on my tire choice 2 1

What is sidewall protection and what should I have on my tire choice 3 1

What is a tubeless tire, and how does it work?

reifentypen tubeless enAs the name implies the tubeless system needs no tube. The tyre and the rim are made in such a way that fitting them together provides an airtight seal. Special tyres and rims are necessary.As the name implies the tubeless system needs no tube. The tyre and the rim are made in such a way that fitting them together provides an airtight seal. Special tyres and rims are necessary.

We at Schwalbe are convinced however: Tubeless is the tyre technology of the future. When it comes down to best performance on the bike, the tubeless technology brings clear advantages, no matter whether MTB, road bike or touringbike. For all ambitious cyclists tubeless is the right choice.

Tubeless tyres provide clear advantages in speed, comfort, grip and puncture protection. They avoid unnecessary friction between tyres and tubes, which reduces the rolling resistance even more than with super light competition tyres. Tubeless tyres can be used with a lower inflation pressure without compromising performance. That brings clear advantages in comfort as well as clearly more control in critical situations and on trails with poor surfaces. At the same time, tubeless systems provide a high puncture protection. The danger of blowouts is clearly reduced. A sudden loss of air pressure caused by a burst tube or a valve tear off is excluded. What is more, tubeless systems function perfectly together with puncture protection liquids. Punctures are re-sealed within milliseconds.

How can I mount a tubeless tire to a rim?

  • Schwalbe tubeless tires
  • Airtight tubeless wheel
  • (or tubeless easy tires and tubeless rim tape)
  • Tubeless valve
  • DSealing liquid (e.g. Schwalbe Doc Blue)
  • Montagefluid (z.B Schwalbe Easy Fit)
  • Assembly liquid (e.g. Schwalbe Easy Fit)
  • Track pump with air gauge
  • A rag

You should be familiar with the specific fitting procedure. Otherwise you should leave the fitting to an expert.

What is TLE, LS and UST tubeless?

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What is ProCore and how does it work?

What is ProCore and how does it work


Off road: Riding at lower pressure means better performance ... but at the same time it increases the risk of failures. The limit so far is at about 20 psi, below which it’s hardly possible to dare to ride normal MTB tires.

But nothing stays the same:
In the future, air pressure can be controlled in the tire‘s double chambers. In the outer chamber, the air pressure is extremely low - ideal for maximum off road performance. In the inner chamber, directly on the rim, there is high air pressure – even a very strong impact cannot dent the rim edge. At the same time, the inner high-pressure system secures the tire onto the rim. “Burping”, the dreaded loss of air at low pressure in conventional tubeless systems, is impossible.

The name
PROCORE is derived from "Progressive Core". The core (internal high pressure chamber) progressively absorbs even the hardest impacts.

The compatibility
You can mount Procore with any tubeless compatible MTB tire. The system is available for all three MTB wheel sizes (26“, 27.5“, 29“). Weight approx. 200 g per wheel. Compatible with all wheels, independent of the brand. Minimum inner rim width: 23 mm.

PROCORE is a joint development of SCHWALBE and SYNTACE.

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